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Gaming Academy GmbH emerged from a network of former agency specialists and League of Legends players. We continue to actively use our contacts and experience from several decades of marketing agency support for the target group of gamers. We regularly implement outstanding marketing projects with selected clients and partners. Always individual, independent, of the highest quality and at fair prices without excessive overhead costs.

Our main expertise lies in gamer-target-group-appropriate campaign planning and implementation, right through to meaningful reporting. We work for both endemic (e.g. hardware manufacturers) and non-endemic brands (e.g. insurance companies).


Selected references

Our agency services

  • Influencer campaigns

    Kampagnen Konzeption, Influencer Buchung, Kreativ Ideen, Umsetzung

  • Video production

    Planung, Drehbuch, Storyboarding, Licht, Ton, Kameratechnik, Personal, Regie, Statisten Buchungen etc... bis zum fertigen Video

  • Product tests

    In Detail Produkt-Test Videos für technische Produkte, insbesondere für PC Hardware und alles drumherum

  • Event management

    Beratung, Planung, Kostenkalkulation, Durchführung Events aller Art mit bis zu 200 Teilnehmern

  • Lectures

    Vorträge zur Gaming / E-Sport Branche für Events und als interne Schulungen

  • Ads for social media

    Beratung, Kampagnenkonzeption, Durchführung von Kampagnen auf Social Media (YouTube, Meta, TikTok, Twitter etc...)

  • Google Ads

    Langjährige Erfahrung in der Konzeption und Durchführung von Google Ad Kampagnen für Elektronik Produkte aller Art

  • C-Level consulting

    Individuelle Beratung für Vorstands- und Geschäftsführerebene in Bezug auf die Gaming- und E-Sport Branche

Project example

Video influencer activation together with NVIDIA for the “Back to School” campaign at universities at the start of the fall semester. The entire project was 100% planned and implemented by the Gaming Academy – from the initial script idea to the influencer booking and outreach report. The feedback from the community on this promotional video, which achieved over 100,000 organic views, was phenomenally good and the corresponding laptops were sold out in the linked online store within a very short time, with additional orders being placed afterwards, which also sold quickly.

Our two managing directors are also represented in this video as “Professor Hagemus” and “Cool Student”, which ensures maximum precision in the messaging. By partly participating in the campaigns ourselves and also writing the scripts, we can guarantee that the desired advertising message comes across exactly as desired and briefed – which is otherwise always a risk, especially with one-off influencer activations. The production style was deliberately chosen to be “old-school YouTube”, giving the video a more home-made feel and not being labeled as glossy advertising in a negative sense.

The concept of this entire campaign worked perfectly and our aim is always to implement such an organic and well-fitting integration that ultimately performs very well and is also well received by the community.

(Team photo from the official Gaminghaus opening on 07.03.2023 with guests from Eintracht Frankfurt)

From left to right: Andreas Heim – Business Angel / Senior Brand Consultant, Julian “Xioh” Dumler – SGE Head Coach, Jenny Bassauer – Refferentin E-Sports SGE, Tobias Brunke – Content Creator, Phil “Autophil” Ehrlich – Influencer & Co-Founder, Anil “Kamon” Bastürk (center) – Head of Coaching, Manuel “Zubr” Herrmann (front) – Co-Founder and GF, Tim Sternefeld (back) – Business Angel / Consultant, Konrad “Stunner” Hagemes – Co-Founder / GF, Markus “Emphaser” Bieler – Web Designer, Thomas Escher – Senior Marketing Consultant, Johann “Iza” Frenzel – Cutter, Max Broemel – Head of E-Sport SGE. Missing from the picture are our programmers from ICWT and datadice as well as several content creators who were unfortunately unable to attend the opening.

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