LoL Basics

Game modes and maps

LoL is not just LoL. The various game modes differ massively. The most played mode is "Summoner's Rift" in the solo Q version.

Lanes, roles and playstyles

If you are new to LoL, we would advise you to play a few games on the different roles first so that you can decide what you like the most.

League of Legends Support Guide – How to play Support?

Farming & Lasthitting Guide

Being able to farm and lasthit properly is one of the most important basic skills in League of Legends. Here you can find out what it is and how best to practise it!

LoL Pro Settings and Hotkeys

With the right hotkey settings and control habits, you can save valuable time and avoid mistakes. Anyone who wants to play ambitiously in League should look into this.

Best Champions for SoloQ

When starting out in League of Legends SoloQ, it's important to choose the right champion. Here we have picked out the three best beginner champions for each lane for you.

Abbreviations and terms

Im Sprachgebrauch von League of Legends werden selbst unter deutschsprachigen Spielern viele Abkürzungen und Anglizismen verwendet. Die gängigsten findet Ihr hier erklärt.

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