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Mindset, Behavior & Attitude

Ranked matches are often won with your own mindset in mind before the game starts. Whether you can give your best depends on the mindset you start with.

Game modes and maps

LoL is not just LoL. The various game modes differ massively. The most played mode is "Summoner's Rift" in the solo Q version.

Lanes, roles and playstyles

If you are new to LoL, we would advise you to play a few games on the different roles first so that you can decide what you like the most.

League of Legends Support Guide – How to play Support?

Farming & Lasthitting Guide

Being able to farm and lasthit properly is one of the most important basic skills in League of Legends. Here you can find out what it is and how best to practise it!

What is a VPN and what does it do? | CyberGhost VPN

Everything you need to know about VPN as a gamer! What it does and why it's super important and useful for non-gamers too!

E-sports – importance and development

Which eSports titles are the most influential? What is the economic significance of eSports and how did it come about? You can find out here.

Environment – Preparations before matches

Preparation is everything in competitive sport. It's the same in eSports. Only those who have prepared themselves optimally can reach their full potential in the ranking.

Correct sitting position at the PC

The correct sitting position is crucial when gaming on a PC for long periods of time.The right height and angle prevent pain and injuries.A very good chair is a must!

The right teammates

Regardless of the game and the number of players, if you want to get better at winning or improving your skill/ranking, you should pay attention to who you play with in pre-made matches.

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