Letztes Update: Patch 14.10.1

Obsidian Edge


Base values

  • Sear: Damaging Monsters burns them over time.
  • Auto Path: Smiting 5 times consumes this item upgrade your Attack-Smite, increasing its damage to monsters.
  • Huntsman: Killing Large Monsters grants bonus experience.
  • Recoup: Regen mana when in the Jungle or River.

    Consuming this item grants all item effects permanently and increases Smite damage to monsters. If you have gained more gold from minions than jungle monsters, gold and experience from minions is heavily reduced. Healing is not reduced on AoE attacks. If two levels behind the average champion level of the game, monster kills grant bonus experience.

  • Gold

    350 Build cost

    350 Purchase price

    140 Selling Price


    KdB HS GW BP

    Made of

    Obsidian Edge

    This item is a basic item and can therefore be purchased in the shop

    350 Build cost

    Processing to

    This item has no additional upgrade levels

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