Farming & Lasthitting Guide

Being able to farm and lasthit properly is one of the most important basic skills in League of Legends. Here you can find out what it is and how best to practise it!

Farming & Lasthitting Guide

What is CS anyway?

Creep Score (number of minions killed) indicates how many minions/neutral monsters you have killed in this match. In principle, each completely killed Jungle Camp is worth 4 CS, for Minions it is 1 CS. You can see this in the game next to your KDA or by looking at your statistics in the top right-hand corner. You receive a CS if you yourself caused the last damage that killed the monster or minion (with the exception of supporters and their items – both receive the CS).

Different Minions

The first Minions appear from minute 1:05 and then a wave appears every 30 seconds. The waves are composed as follows:

  • Melee Minions, 3 per wave
  • Range Minions, 3 per wave
  • Canon Minions, 1 per wave, come every 3 waves up to minute 15, then every 2 and from minute 25 every wave
  • Super Minions only spawn when the Inhibitor on the Lane has been destroyed (if all three Inhibitors are destroyed at the same time, 2 Super Minions spawn per Wave and Lane)

Numbers and why it is important

In League of Legends, your strength is mainly influenced by purchased items and levels. Levels are gained through XP and items can be bought with gold earned. Gold can be obtained passively in small amounts through champion kills when they arise, but the most consistent and important way to generate gold is by load hitting.

As you can see below, it is extremely important to load hit well in order to generate enough gold. Having more gold than your opponent makes you stronger and ensures victory (or at least makes it more likely ;-). The minions mentioned above give you the following amounts of gold when you last hitt them.

  • A Melee Minion gives you 21 gold at 3 per wave, that’s 63 gold
  • A Range Minion gives you 14 gold at 3 per wave, that’s 42 gold
  • A Canon Minion gives you 60 gold at the beginning and with each Canon Minion it goes up by 3 gold until it reaches 90
    (In the mid lane, Canon Minions are worth 10 gold less)

This means that you can get around 105 gold per Standard Wave and around 155-195 gold with a Canon Wave. It is therefore always important that you get the Canon Minion, even if it costs you some HP or mana. To put this into numbers, here’s how many Minions you can have if you hit every Minion perfectly last.

MinuteWelle/WaveCS maximalCS / MinuteCS GoldPassives GoldGold gesamt

Using these numbers, you can also see how much difference in gold it makes whether you have 30 CS or 50 CS at minute 5. This gold is important so that you can get your items faster and be stronger than your opponent, e.g. with 50 farm you can buy Noon Quiver, which makes your last hitting easier and gives you more damage, while your opponent can only buy two longswords with only 30 farm.

Under your tower

Under the tower it is hard to last hit so there is a rule of thumb, if minions have full HP (health points) then with melee minions it is 2 tower hits and then you last hit and with range minions it is that you attack once yourself then the tower and then yourself again. Canon Minions can withstand more tower hits, so I recommend using an inexpensive ability.

The Last Hit Guide

Training for the Early Game

Since we now know that farming and CS is one of the most important things in LoL, you have to train it a lot I will now divide it into 3 levels how to learn it best.

  1. Stage
    Enter the training mode, preferably with a champion you want to play, but please set the runes so that they don’t give you any damage or attack speed so that you don’t get any advantage from them. Then set the game so that you stay at level 1 and don’t buy any items. Go to the lane you want and try to last hitch as much as possible without skills, without items and at LvL 1.
    Target: 40 farm per 5 minutes.
  2. Stage
    The same rules as for stage 1, only this time you make an enemy bot in the lane, preferably against Zyra.
    Goal: 40 farm per 5 minutes try not to kill Zyra, but concentrate on your farm.
  3. Stage
    Play normal games against real people and keep trying to farm, you will notice that it will be much easier with items and LvL.
    Goal: Practiced use and prepare yourself for ranked games.

Farming in the mid-game

When the normal laning phase is over, you enter the mid-game. Now you will be moving around the map a lot more… (to be continued)

General farming rules

  • Always try to avoid farming together with another solo laner on a lane.
  • You should only farm Sidelane unsecured if you are clearly superior in a 1v1.
  • Do not farm on the opposite lane if an important dragon or the baron spawns on the other side.

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