Game modes and maps

LoL is not just LoL. The various game modes differ massively. The most played mode is “Summoner’s Rift” in the solo Q version.

Game modes and maps

There are basically three main maps/game modes in League of Legends:

  • Summoner’s Rift
  • Howling Abyss
  • TFT Teamfight Tactics

TFT is actually more of a stand-alone game that simply uses the graphics and characters from League of Legends.

The following game modes are available on the two classic maps:

  • Blind pick (Blind Pick Normal)
    In the Free Pick game mode, each player can freely select a champion. The selection takes place simultaneously and champions can appear twice, i.e. a second time in the opposing team. Players are not automatically assigned a fixed line. The matches do not give LP (league points) and do not count towards the ranking list.
  • Draft pick (normal)
    In draft pick, you can ban champions in a similar way to normal ranking mode and you vote one after the other. Players are assigned fixed positions by the matchmaking system. You cannot earn or lose league points in this mode either.
  • Solo/Duo Ranked (Solo Ranked)
    The main mode for all ambitious gamers in LOL. You can either search for matches alone or together with another player. You choose alternately and have to set your spell at the beginning. You receive couch points for winning matches and some are deducted if you lose.
  • Flex Ranked
    Similar to the solo/duo ranked, with the difference that you can also enter the lobby with groups of 3 or 5 players.
  • ARAM (All Random, All Mid)
    This game mode is only available in the Howling Gorge. It is played 5 against 5 on only one straight lane. You are assigned your champion at random.
  • Special
    Special game modes are usually offered for a limited time to provide variety. These are, for example, URF (Ultra rapid fire) or Ultimate Spellbook. These modes can be played live for longer or shorter periods of time. Some of them are recurring, others are one-off actions.

Summoners Rift

This map is the centerpiece of the game. Formerly developed as a Warcraft III mod, the game principle was perfected in LOL in the Summoner’s Rift. On three lines and in the jungle you play 5-VS-5, blue team against red team. The winner is the one who destroys the opponent’s nexus (base) first.

The duration of a game varies from 15 minutes to approx. 90 minutes. Most games are over after about 40 minutes.

All major tournaments are played in this game mode. This is also the primary main map for single and duo players.

Howling Abyss

The Howling Gorge is the easiest way to play League of Legends. There is only one line and all champions are randomly assigned to the players. You can reroll the dice and have a new random champion assigned to you a limited number of times.

A little insider tip:

The random champions are only selected from the champions that you have already unlocked or bought with the respective account and the champions that are in the free rotation. For this reason, some people who specifically play this mode have accounts that only contain champions who are very strong on this map. Due to the special nature of the map, some champions are significantly stronger than others. If you don’t have any unsuitable champions for the Howling Gorge in your account, then you can’t get them randomly drawn ;-).

TFT Teamfight Tactics

TFT is the latest completely new game mode in the League of Legends client. Although the same champions are used here, the game principle is completely different. Unlike in regular LoL, you don’t control a single champion, but instead direct a team of champions that fights automatically. The game principle was copied from DOTA Auto Chess.

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