Abbreviations and terms

Im Sprachgebrauch von League of Legends werden selbst unter deutschsprachigen Spielern viele Abkürzungen und Anglizismen verwendet. Die gängigsten findet Ihr hier erklärt.

Abbreviations and terms


  • 1v1/1 vs. 1: a one-on-one duel between two players


  • AA: Autoattack of a champion, Normal attack
  • Ability Haste: This is the value that ensures that the abilities have less cooldown time. Each point in Ability Haste makes the second pass more quickly. If we have 10 Ability Haste, then 1 second is not counted as one second on the total cooldown time for the abilities, but as 0.9 seconds and so on.
  • Ace: When all champions of a team are dead at the same time
  • AD: Attackdamage
  • ADC: attack damage carry (Champion who mainly deals damage through physical auto-attacks and who becomes proportionally stronger than other champions the longer the game lasts and thus carries/carries the match)
  • AFK: away from keyboard
  • Aggro: The target priority of what is attacked. E.g. getting aggro from the enemy tower
  • AoE: Area of Effect. This means that an attack hits not just one target but an entire area.
  • AP: Ability Power (Strength of the champion’s special abilities)
  • ARAM: All random, all mid – Game mode on the “Howling Abyss”
  • Assist: Helping with a kill
  • Assassin: Character that is specialized to deal quick burst damage to assasinate low health targets.
  • AS: Attackspeed


  • Back/B: Withdraw from the situation. B alone can also be used for backport. This is when you teleport into the base by pressing “B”.
  • Babysit: Mostly used when a lane gets support all the time in the game. Like supporting a baby with everything, so to speak. Can be very effective in SoloQ.
  • Bait: An attempt is made to lure the opponent into an unfavorable position in order to kill him, for example.
  • Baron: Baron Nashor. One of the most important monsters in League of Legends, which gives an enormously strong time-limited buff when killed. Baron is a neutral monster, which is also called “Objective”.
  • Base: This refers to the base that exists on both sides in League of Legends. The base is protected by a tower that does a lot of damage.
  • Backdoor: A game strategy that is often used when a 5 vs. 5 battle would be lost. You then try to destroy the opponent’s Nexus by any means possible while they are not in the base.
  • BG: “Bad Game” At the end of the game, it is good form to write “GG” (Good Game). BG is often written in extremely frustrating games.
  • Blind pick: A game mode in which all players do not ban champions and do not see what their opponents have picked. Blind pick or “blind” can also mean when you have to be the first to pick a champion in the ranked mode “Solo/DouQ” without seeing your opponents’ picks.
  • Blitz: Abbreviation for the champion Blitzcrank
  • BM: “Bad Manner” An example for “BM” would be to write “?” or “XD?” or “EZ” in the allchat after a bad move of the opponent.
  • brb: “Be right back”
  • Bot:Bot-Lane” A position in the game League of Legends on the lower side of the map.
  • Bottom: This also refers to the bot lane.
  • Botside: This refers to everything on the map to the bottom right of the midlane. The midlane is, so to speak, a side separation on the Summoners Rift map.
  • Buff: A mostly temporary effect that strengthens one or more champions. Example: “BaronBuff” = Temporary. Normal Drake (Dragon) = Permanent
  • Build: This refers to an item build (consisting of purchased items) which is bought in a certain order until all inventory slots of a champion are filled. If all slots are filled with upgraded items, this is called a “full build”.
  • Bug: An error in the game caused by faulty programming.
  • Burst: When a lot of damage is applied to a target at once. Example: If a champion hits a full combo on a target, this can be a burst.
  • Bush: A bush, or the tall grass in the game, in which you are invisible to others who are not in the “bush”. However, you also become visible in the bush if you perform an autoattack or an ability on a target outside the bush.


  • Cait: This refers to the female champion Caitlyn.
  • Call: Someone who makes a call is a person who brings an idea to the game as to what should happen next.
  • Care: It is used in-game to warn another player, for example. Often reinforced with the retract ping.
  • Carry: A carry carries his team to victory. Example: AD carry.
  • CC: Crowd Control Abilities that are designed to stun opponents or restrict their ability to move.
  • Chase: If an opponent has low HP, they are often “chased” in order to get the kill after all.
  • Cho: This refers to the champion Cho’Gath.
  • CD: “Cooldown”. Example: The opponent still has his summoner spell “Flash” on cooldown.
  • CDR: “Cooldown Reduction”. The CD is reduced with “Ability Haste”, for example.
  • Co-op: Together against AI (computer-controlled opponents)
  • CS: Creep Score (number of minions killed) indicates how many minions/neutral monsters you have killed in this match.


  • DC: “Disconnect”. If you lose the connection to the Internet, for example.
  • Def:”Defend”. It can also mean in lol that you should play defending.
  • DFG: “Deathfire Grasp”. An item that has since been removed in lol
  • Disable: Disable” includes forms of CC, such as stun or silence in Lol.
  • Donger: Abbreviation for Heimerdinger. A champion in League of Legends.
  • DoT: “Damage over Time”. A debuff that, as the name suggests, does damage over time. Example: The summoner spell “Ignite”.
  • DON: The Don. A legendary League of Legends streamer who is also known as Relaxo. His name is: NoWay4u_Sir
  • Double kill: When two opponents are killed.
  • DpS: “Damage per Second” DpS is usually not a precisely calculated value in lol, but stands for the damage output of a champion. Example: AD carries usually have an extremely high DpS. Supporters usually do not.
  • Dragon/Drag/Drake: The “Objective” dragon on the bottom of the card.


  • Elixir: A strengthening potion
  • ESL: Electronic Sports League. The ESL no longer exists in Lol. In German, the league is called Primeleague. In French, for example, it is called LFL. However, the highest European league is the LEC.
  • Elo: Hidden rating number in the background which indicates the ability of a player. The name “Elo” goes back to Mr. Arpad Elo from 1959, who originally introduced this rating system for chess. In Lol, the Elo is categorized into different Liega levels from Bronze to Challenger. Has been officially replaced by the MMR value (see below).
  • Executed: An “Execute” is usually a death against Objectives. Example: If you die at the tower without enemies having done damage to you. However, an Execute can also stand for something else. Example 2: Ancestor Dragon, for example, gives a temporary buff after killing the dragon, which kills or “executes” champions below a certain % value.
  • Eve: Abbreviation for the female champion Evelyn.
  • Ez: Abbreviation for the champion Ezreal.


  • Farm: “Farming” is the killing of neutral monsters or enemy minions in order to maximize your own gold. We have also created a professional course for this. You can find it under “Premium courses”. There you will learn how to best train farming and how to get a constant farm in every game.


  • GA: GA: Guardian Angel – Item
  • Gank: When a jungler attacks an enemy lane during the laning phase. When a laner goes to another lane to help his teammates, this is called a “roam”.
  • GP: Gangplank – Champion Top/Mid


  • Hyper Carry: A champion in League of Legends who gets disproportionately stronger over time and is one of the strongest selectable champions who deals the most damage after about 40 minutes of play. First of all shooters. Examples: Twitch, Jinx, Vayne, Kog’Maw


  • ISP: Internet Service Provider


  • J4: Jarvan the 4th


  • KDA: Kill-Death-Assist Relation | To calculate the KDA, add your kills with the assists and divide the sum by your deaths (kills+assists)/deaths. Example: 5 kills + 10 assists divided by 5 deaths results in a KDA of 3


  • LOL: League of Legends
  • LP: League Points


  • Meta: In LOL, the meta is used to describe the concepts and focal points that work best for each patch and help you to win.
  • MF: Miss Fortune
  • MMR: Match Making Rating – see also ELO






  • RNG: Random Number Generator – random elements in the game such as which dragon comes next until the ancestor dragon appears. Or whether a crit hits at 50% critical hit chance or not
  • Roam/Roaming: When a laner leaves his lane during the laning phase to help another lane or to ambush the opponent in the lane.


  • Smurf/Smurfing: A smurf is a player who plays on a second account with a lower Elo.
  • Solo-Q: The ranked mode in which you play alone or in pairs. For most players, this is the main mode played.
  • s8 / s7 …: Season 8, Season 7… – Season 8, Season 7 etc.. Indicates which season is meant.


  • TF: Twisted Fate




  • WW: Warwick



If your desired term was not included, please comment below and we will give you the explanation!

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