The right teammates

Regardless of the game and the number of players, if you want to get better at winning or improving your skill/ranking, you should pay attention to who you play with in pre-made matches.

There are some bad qualities that your fellow players should not have. In general, it’s best if you play with players who are better than you, that way you will learn the most.

Bad properties:

  • Flaming and raging:
    If your teammates do this, then you should definitely leave them out of your ranked matches
  • Alcohol and Drugs:
    If your friends drink while gambling or go on a bender, you should definitely not try to improve your ranking with them either
  • Bad internet connection and high ping:
    Even if your friends can’t help it in some cases, you should still avoid playing with them if they frequently have high ping or even disconnections.
  • Much weaker:
    Assuming you are Silver 1 and your buddy is Bronze 4, you should not play with him if you want to get into Gold. In the case of LoL, this will even lower your MMR and you will receive fewer LP (League Points) for victories and have more deducted for losing games. This is because you usually can’t reach your full potential with worse teammates.
  • No voice chat:
    If your fellow players do not want to or cannot join a voice chat during the game. Then you should also refrain from playing together. This is because you lose a lot of added value through agreements.
  • Does not meet deadlines:
    Assuming that your colleague has often stood you up for previously planned sessions at a certain time in the past, you may want to refrain from planning further matches with him. It shows that he probably doesn’t really take the dates seriously and you may have “wasted” a relatively long period of time because you would first have to look for a new duo partner so that you don’t have to play the matches solo.

Tip: Second account

Of course, this does not apply to unranked (normal) games. You are welcome to play there with your buddies, even if you know that they might drag your performance down a bit. A good tip: If you want to help a buddy to get better, then it is advisable to have a second account where it doesn’t matter to you whether you win or deliver a great performance. Incidentally, this is a tip that you will find in many guide videos for advancement and training in games.

A second account has several advantages. You can try out new things without having to worry that your main account will suffer and without the pressure of having to win, some games are much more fun.

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