LoL Pro Settings and Hotkeys

With the right hotkey settings and control habits, you can save valuable time and avoid mistakes. Anyone who wants to play ambitiously in League should look into this.


  • Attack move click > A
  • Quick cast with indicator (mini delay, because it only triggers when the key is “released”)
  • Level up spell combo alt + “Q/W/E/R” (Do not level up with mouse)
  • Self-spell via Shift + “Q/W/E/R” (e.g. for Nami W + E)
  • Target champions only
  • F keys -> remove F1 yourself (this is also a space bar) -> F1-F4 are then teammates
  • Opponent has view here – if necessary, assign to mouse button (by default on H where it is more difficult to reach with the fingers)
  • Create item sets to
    • Collections -> Items
  • Use Stop Commando -> S

Interface and audio settings

  • Do not play with fixed camera
  • Minimap size -> 66
  • Set HUD size smaller to -> 0
  • Deactivate minimap movement
  • Enable mana cost display for abilities
  • Disable emote display bar
  • Show time in chat
  • Disable all chat
  • Scoreboard
    • Mirror scoreboard view
    • Move champions
    • Hide player names
  • Predict movement setting (optional to try out, not absolutely necessary)
  • Turn off music
  • Switch off voices
  • Switch off ambient noises

Graphics settings

  • Cable to monitor -> HDMI up to 120 Hertz, for everything above this it must be Display Port!
  • Monitor heart setting in Windows
  • Activate G-Sync / Freesync in Windows -> if not possible, then try V-Sync (if lags occur -> switch off again)
  • Adjust the quality so that the frame rate remains high enough
  • Switch off eye-candy
  • Switch off shadows completely. They only distract and eat up a lot of FPS.
  • Activate colorblind mode (effects are easier to recognize: e.g. Singed Gift or Brand W)

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