Mindset, Behavior & Attitude

Ranked matches are often won with your own mindset in mind before the game starts. Whether you can give your best depends on the mindset you start with.

The personal attitude and correct behavior in the team chat during a game is an important basis for winning. Two mistakes in particular are repeatedly made by players:

  • Flaming
    Specifically, it involves excessively pointing out mistakes to team members or blaming certain players for actions that went badly.
  • Raging
    An even worse version of “complaining” is “raging”. When someone rages, it has very little to do with what is happening in the game and is usually only aimed at venting their anger in chat. Rage chat messages usually also contain insults.

Why is it bad to blame certain players in the chat during an ongoing match or to express your anger?

  • You disturb the concentration of other players
    Anyone who writes or reads long messages in the chat is distracted and does not notice anything else happening on the map for these moments. In particular, map awareness (looking at the minimap to keep an eye on what is happening) is completely lost in such moments. Writing long messages in the chat just to complain or express your anger creates too much distraction for your fellow players. Therefore, you should refrain from flaming or raging.TIP: Players who start raging or flaming should be muted immediately! As a rule, the distraction caused by such players clearly outweighs the useful contributions in the team chat.
  • You make others tilt
    The term tilt comes from the English language and literally means to tilt. The term was coined in the 1960s with pinball machines that contained a mechanism that penalized the irregular tilting and shaking of the pinball machine, the so-called tilt switch. If you triggered the tilt, the pinball levers were deactivated and the ball inevitably rolled out. Result -> you lost. The effect is similar in gaming, when you tilt, you are so unfocused and emotionally overstressed that you almost automatically lose. Many players, especially in the lower levels, are easily provoked by flaming and raging and then tilt. You can read here how to avoid tilting or what you should do if you realize that you are about to do so.

It is often difficult to maintain discipline in the chat when a round is not going well and not to make these mistakes. To counteract this, you have to make an effort to have a good “mindset” before a match. This means that you should not start a match already stressed or angry because of other things. For example, if you come home from work stressed out, you should first take some time to relax and only then start the match when you realize that you are back in balance.

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