Correct sitting position at the PC

The correct sitting position is crucial when gaming on a PC for long periods of time.The right height and angle prevent pain and injuries.A very good chair is a must!

First of all: there is no one true correct sitting position that is the same for everyone. However, there are a few things that have been proven to prevent various complaints. In addition to an optimal alignment to be able to use the keyboard and mouse in the best possible way, it is above all about the health aspects. After all, you spend many hours a day gaming in front of your computer.

So how do you sit correctly at the PC?

The classic concept is the 90° angle and a slightly downward gaze:

beste PC sitzposition mit Winkeln


Knees, hips and elbows form a 90° angle. However, to be able to sit like this at all, you need a chair with armrests that fits you as well as possible or is easily adjustable. Of course, it also has to look cool! Our current top recommendation for a good PC chair are the models from Secretlab:

der beste PC Stuhl für ergonomisches Sitzen am Computer von Secretlab

However, “dynamic sitting” is now recommended. This means that you should change your sitting position as often as possible. Sometimes leaning more backwards, sometimes more to the side etc… Of course, you should also take short breaks of approx. 2-3 minutes between matches and walk around the room briefly. This not only stimulates your circulation, but also does your back some good.

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